Dr. Humphrey R. Djemat, S.H, LL.MPartner

Humphrey Djemat
areas of expertise
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution / Arbitration
  • Banking & Finance
  • Capital Market
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Humphrey R. Djemat is the Chairman of Gani Djemat & Partners. As the eldest son of the late Mr. GANI DJEMAT, Humphrey treaded his career step by step, without any special treatment given by his father. He leads the firm as the Chairman of the firm after receiving the leadership baton of GDP in 1999 and continuously implements the core values for the firm inheritance by his father until this day.

Humphrey who has been practicing for more than 30 years, is well known as one of the most respected lawyers in both criminal and civil litigation in Indonesia. He has been involved in many complex litigation cases from a wide range of domestic and international clients across various area of disputes.

With an undergraduate degree in law from University of Indonesia in 1983, Humphrey pursued his master’s degree in law (LL.M) at the Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas in 1988 and doctoral degree (Dr.) at the Parahyangan Catholic University in 2015.

Humphrey is a registered consultant of Indonesian Capital Market, certified Mediator, Executive Director of Jakarta International Mediation Centre (JIMC), member of Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI), registered Arbitrator for BANI Arbitration Center and an Advisor as well as a member of Indonesian Bar Association (Asosiasi Advokat Indonesia (AAI).

Dr. Humphrey R. Djemat, S.H., LL.M experience includes:

  • Vice Chairman of the Parahyangan University Doctoral Alumni Association of Law.
  • Director of Japan Indonesia Lawyer Association.
  • Chairman of the Advisory Council of The Indonesian Bar Association, period 2015-2020.
  • In 2011 – 2012 was trusted by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to be a Member and Spokesperson for the Task Force Team for Handling Cases of Indonesian Citizens/TKI’s abroad who were threatened with the death penalty.
  • Currently trusted as a member of the Drafting Team for the Civil Procedure Code at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
  • Permanent Lecturer at Batam International University.
  • One of the Founders and Director of the Jakarta International Mediation Center (JIMC) who received accreditation from the Supreme Court, also has conducted Mediator Education programs in various places in Indonesia.
  • Arbiter in International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)