The Founder

Born on August 18, 1972. Assistant Lecturer in International Private Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, Jakarta (1954-1959).

Bachelor of Law, University of Indonesia, Jakarta (1959).

Lecturer In International Private Law At The Faculty of Law, Trisakti University, Jakarta (1959). Admitted to the Bar/Advocate In 1959. Naval Justice School, Rhode Island, USA (1959).

Honorary Degree at the Court of Military Appeal, Washington, USA (1959). Naval Prosecutor at the Justice Service in the Indonesia Naval Headquarters, Jakarta (1959-1960). Naval Judge at the Justice Service in the Indonesia Naval Headquarters, Jakarta (1962-1964).

Head of the Legal and Political Department of the Indonesian Supreme Command, Jakarta (1964-1966).

Defense Attaché at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore with the Rank of Lieutenant Colonel (1966-1971). Founded the firm in 1972. Chairman and Partners of the firm (1972-1999).

Advisor of the firm (1999-2001).

He was Specialized In Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, And Intellectual Property Rights. Chairman (1990-1995) and Honorary Committee Member (1955-2001) of Asosiasi Advokat Indonesia (Indonesian Bar Association).

Committee Member of Perhimpunan Organisasi Pengacara Indonesia (Indonesia Lawyers Association) (1991).

Chairman (1991-1994) And Advisor (1994-1998) Of The Indonesian Bonsai Association And Indonesian Suiseki Association.

Member of the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights (1993-1998).


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